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Financial, Monte Carlo Analysis - Crystal Ball

Oracle Crystal Ball - Uncertainty and Financial forecasting

Crystal Ball Application Package Oracle’s Crystal Ball Application Suite is the complete application for Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting and optimization. A realistic and accessible way of modeling uncertainty, Crystal Ball measures and reports on the risk inherent in your key metrics. The Application Suite adds optimization to simulation, reporting on feasible solutions to your business, finance, and operational spreadsheet models that meet your risk/return profile, objectives and requirements. This bundle combines Crystal Ball and the Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer option, delivering the functionality of optimization and substantial processing speed to the power of Monte Carlo simulation, time-series forecasting, analysis tools and reports, capability metrics for Six Sigma applications, and a full suite of additional tools to help you set up and analyze your models.

Easy To Use

excel based usage Crystal ball is Excel based application which makes it very familiar and friendly to its users. We are sure you will feel so as well.
Additionally, Crystal ball comes built with all you need to to perform financial analysis right from the first moment, with comprehencive templates for your data and charting, you are only few clicks away from being able to predict risk and revenve.


excel based usage Like most Oracle products, Crystal ball is no different and has a wide varaiety of integration options that makes your job:

  • Project management Integration
    No matter if you already use Oracle Leading Project Portfolio Management Solution, Primavera P6, or MS Projects, Crystal ball allows you to take all your project data straight from your Project & Resource Management system to Crystal ball to see a full forecast of Monte-Carlo Financial Analysis Engine.
    Other PPM Application might also have integrations with Crystal ball
  • Customizable and Extensible
    Being built on Excel spreadsheet, Crystal Ball is fully customizable to fit your specific taste and liking. Additionally, you can use Excels amazing API to alter it's behaviour even further.

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